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Wine Tasting Day Tours from Florence Area
Wine Tasting Day Tours from Florence Area
09.03.2011 - 31.12.2018
Taste Trails


A selection of our best wine tasting tours departing from Florence or from any place in the surrounding area, all including private car with driver.

Let us lead you to
undiscovered treasures of Chianti Region, the ancient and secret gardens of the most precious wines.





The city is not a safe place for planning a conspiracy, too many sharp ears around... Then, why not picking a thick walled countryside hideout? And that's what they did...

This one that you see here is not just a dreamlike romantic XII Century castle, but it is a main historic spot, as it was the place where the ‘Congiura de’ Pazzi’, the conspiracy against the Medici family, Lords of Florence, was conceived and planned.

Come take a look to its wide, cotto-paved living room. That ruined, unrecognizable coat of arms that you will see above the grand fireplace was once the crest of Pazzi Family. It was carved up by the raging hand of Lorenzo the Magnificient himself after his brother Giuliano was killed by the conspirers.

The castle boasts striking stone walls and towers, wonderful historic halls and a 900 year-old cellar! Here the famous Chianti Rufina wine is produced.

Visit to the castle and cellars.

Lunch including wines at the castle’s awarded restaurant .

AM - Tuesdays and Thursdays


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Have you ever heard about Greve in Chianti? It is known as the beating heart of Florentine Chianti Classico area, and it actually is, with its unique triangle-shaped town square skirted by elegant porticos where many bars, restaurants and ancient ‘botteghe’ (shops) sell their finest goods for your shopping delight.

But... there's more to it. And our job is to let you know what lies beyond the surface.

Speaking of water, imagine climbing on the heights right behind the red roofed houses of Greve and gazing at the horizon. What would you look down upon? Hills as far as the eyes can see, just like waves on the surface of the ocean. An immense green sea... home to one of the greatest sailors of all times.

You heard it right, the town of Greve - as many as 60 miles away from nearest seaside - is the birthplace of the great explorer Giovanni da Verrazzano, the discoverer of the Bay of New York , to whom the famous homonymous bridge in the Big Apple is dedicated.

The historic estate of his family, a mighty XV Century castle, dominates from above its own vineyards and olive groves. With its thick stone walls and imposing fortified towers, this castle offers a unique medieval feel to its visitors.

Visit of the town of Greve

Visit to the castle, garden, cellars and guided wine-tasting.

Lunch including wines.


AM - From Tuesday to Saturday


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machiavelliLet's suppose you'd like to visit a historic house, a museum, a permanent exhibit, a winery of great importance and a striking 500 year-old cellar all in the same tour, with no rush at all. Is that possible?

It's not just possible, there's more. To minimise your downtime we will offer you all those features in a single, very special place.

This stone house tuck away in the Florentine countryside is the place where Niccolo' Machiavelli, the famous writer and politician, spent his childhood and - after being sent back here on exile from Florence - also the place where he wrote his masterpiece, The Prince.

The magnificient house is still furnished with walnut and chestnut wood pieces of period furniture dating back to five centuries ago! The rooms usually host exhibits of painters and sculptors.


Walk down the stairs leading to the old dungeon, the Chianti Classico of Machiavelli’s winery is still aged in big oak barrels inside a striking XVI Century river peeble-paved cellar! And that's not all... the cellar also features a permanent exhibit of marble statues, set in the most pictoresque spots giving to this place a unique magic feel thanks to an amazing lighting system!

And one last thing... try gazing in the far distance from the garden, but be aware, you maybe won't believe your eyes. That dome that you will see on the horizon, is the Brunelleschi's Cupola in Florence.

Lunch in the nearby ancient “Osteria” including wines.


All days except on Mondays/Tuesdays


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Ever fancied a stroll in a perfectly preserved medieval village? With silent narrow streets and quiet tiny squares adorned by flowers and green windows...

But then... let me guess... you maybe happened to try some tours and ended up trampled by a swarm of noisy visitors shooting photos like chaingun bullets?

Well, atmosphere is more than important for your precious travel experience, we know this well and choose our destinations with maximum care, to fully match your expectations. And yes, we do have a suggestion for you.

This striking medieval hamlet was a fortified citadel belonging to the Florentine Republic. Many centuries have passed since then, but the imposing walls, tall towers and stone paved roads - still surviving and perfectly restored - will make you feel like spinning back through time.

The village lies far away from the beaten tourist routes, a pearl of rare beauty, a picture of real ancient Tuscany still untouched by tourism massification.

Being built on top of a high hill dominating the green valley, the hamlet also offers striking views of the surrounding countryside, covered in olive trees and vineyards.

Speaking of which, looks like an estate of an awarded winery owning hundreds of acres of vineyards and olive groves just happens to be very close to the village. Why not paying a visit then?

The farm, featuring a wonderful garden and a 16th Century stone cellar, produces some several times awarded Chianti Classico wines and extra-virgin olive oil.

Visit and wine tasting.

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Who would ever think that in these quiet, charming countryside places, people were making the history of the world itself?

Let's take a look to one of the smallest but still most surprising fortified towns of Florentine Chianti, dominating the valley of the river Greve.

Walk down its stone-paved narrow streets, fighting their way through the walls of medieval stone houses with flower-covered balconies hanging from above.

Strolling down the path you will see a house looking like a small castle, boasting a coat of arms with a wasp above the main door. Well, this house in this strikingly beautiful tiny village, is the birthplace of the man who gave his own name to America, the great explorer Amerigo Vespucci.

But the story has just started... as you leave the town of Greve and proceed towards the hill of  Lamole, you will see a road that climbs up a steep hill, leading to an elegant villa, its walls of the same color of roses.

Featuring one of the most gorgeous italian gardens of the whole Chianti, this winery  is a main historic estate, as it was the villa where Mona Lisa, (yes, no mistake) the lady portrayed in the world famous painting by Leonardo Da Vinci, used to live with her family, the Gherardini.

Some of the most awarded Chianti Classico wines are produced here, as well as delicious extra-virgin olive oil.

Visit and wine-tasting.

"Strolling with Mona Lisa" is an afternoon tour available every day.


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Can a single noble man create the blend for the most famous wine of the world?

Can a single winery last for more than 800 years?

This tour is sincerely dedicated to all wine lovers... and to people willing to visit an unbelievably amazing red-brick gothic castle in the very heart of Tuscany.

A full day tour across the Chianti region to discover the legacy of a land covered in vineyards where men started to make wine from the daybreak of civilization.

A unique experience not to miss, the visit to the greatest manor of Chianti area, the oldest winery in Italy.

Since 1141 the historic cellars of this imposing castle have been producing wine. Today, the manor is still owned by the same family that invented the most famous wine blend of the world, the great pioneers of Chianti Classico.

Visit to the park, italian garden, chapel and cellars.

Lunch at the castle’s restaurant including wines.


All days except Thursdays

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